6/6 Notes

*  It’s been kind of quiet here at Ivy Envy.  We try to keep things moving along and fresh for regular readers, but it’s tougher to write when your team rolls off 9 straight and 10 out of 11.  I’m naturally kind of a criticizer Continue reading

Congrats Greg Maddux

Alright, I know I’m writing alot of historical blogs, but it’s been a pretty historical season thus far.  In case you hadn’t noticed, Greg Maddux got his 350th career victory last night against the Colorado Rockies.  Winning in typical Maddux fashion, in was a 3-2 victory.  Low Scoring, and efficient.  Continue reading

Julio Franco Played More Years Than I Lived

I couldn’t helpbut notice that Julio Franco retired two days ago.  Kudos to him on a long and illustriouscareer.  He began his Major league career in 1982 with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Lee Elia

Look, I know everyone and their sister are out there talking about Lee Elia’s rant today.. but it wouldn’t be right if Continue reading

Things We’ve Lost in the Ivy

I’m secretly convinced that there is no wall behind the ivy at Wrigley.  Alright, that’s probably a silly belief.  I mean, we’ve all seen the wall.. but I think there’s a door to… the secret garden!  Alright.. maybe not that lame.. but I suspect that something much cooler than just a wall exists there.. And this line of thought got me to thinking about things that are probably  lost back there….   Continue reading

10k and Counting!

Hey Cubs Fans-  If you live under a rock, and you don’t have a radio, computer, or television..  Continue reading