The Phrase, Part II

Apparently, I was not the only person with this concept on my mind today.  On my way home from work, I was listening to The Score, WSCR 670AM and Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein were discussing this very same issue.  Continue reading


It’s Time to Pull Out This Phrase

There is a phrase that I used quite a bit last year and I’m about to use it for the first time of the season.  This is a phrase that Cubs fans don’t get to use often because it seems we rarely have a team worthy of it.  I haven’t heard many baseball fans use it, but I’m sure they do.   Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Lee Elia

Look, I know everyone and their sister are out there talking about Lee Elia’s rant today.. but it wouldn’t be right if Continue reading

Jacque Jones and His Arm

I decided to flip over to ESPN tonight to watch a little of the Angels game.  The first play I see is a base hit to left field by the Angels.  They had a runner on 2nd base and good old Jacque Jones grabs the ball on the run for a play at the plate.    Continue reading

Things We’ve Lost in the Ivy

I’m secretly convinced that there is no wall behind the ivy at Wrigley.  Alright, that’s probably a silly belief.  I mean, we’ve all seen the wall.. but I think there’s a door to… the secret garden!  Alright.. maybe not that lame.. but I suspect that something much cooler than just a wall exists there.. And this line of thought got me to thinking about things that are probably  lost back there….   Continue reading

New Books

My mom had me in mind when she was browsing through the used books for sale at our local library. She picked up two Cubs books for me.  Continue reading

A Losing Streak?!

Last night, the Cubs matched their longest losing streak of this short season…two games.  I suppose this hurts more because it comes at the end of a six game winning streak and a 9-1 stretch.   Continue reading