20th Anniversary of the First Night Game


Today is the 20th anniversary of the first night game at Wrigley Field.  Actually, tomorrow is officially the 20th anniversary of the first night game.  The game on 8/8/88 was called after 3 1/2 innings because of weather.  At that time, my parents owned a True Value, which was one of the coroporate sponsors for the evening. Well, True Value had some contest to give tickets away and there was this sweet box you put your entry into that was shaped like the Wrigley Field sign that’s on the stadium at the corner of Clark and Addison.  I should have kept that box, it’ll probably be worth something someday considering it was designed specially for the night game.  Now I wasn’t able to win this contest because I was a family member of employees of True Value.  As an 10 year old, my parents had to explain this concept to me daily throughout the summer. 

So here we are, a short 20 years later.  I could write some great comprehensive blog documenting the best 10 moments Continue reading

Ivy Envy State of the Union

First off, we’d like to thank all of you that read Ivy Envy.  We really enjoy sharing our love of the Cubs with you, and it’s been fun to share conversations with you that we normally have with each other.  Thanks for reading and please, jump in with your opinions whenever you’d like.  Also, please share Ivy Envy with any Cubs fans you know. 

We have a lot of ideas that we would like to do with Ivy Envy, but at this point, we are pretty limited with what WordPress will allow.  We are looking at doing something to free ourselves up a little bit to do what we would like.  The first thing we are going to try is Continue reading

Ivy Envy

Welcome to Ivy Envy.

We are a group of guys that are lifelong Cubs fans. At this time, there are six authors. Five of us are from Illinois and one is a Californian. We are using this forum to discuss everything Cubs-related. This will not be where you go for up-to-the-second news from the clubhouse, but we do hope to inform and entertain. You will get six opinions and points of view.

This site will change over time, and perhaps in the matter of days.  Things will improve and we’ll be able to add features to make it more of a “one stop shop”.

To start this blog, I have asked the authors to introduce themselves and tell you about their experience with the Cubs.  

Make yourself at home and we encourage you to participate.