Off Day – Olympics or Little League?

This is the last day of my summer vacation.  I’m a little disappointed that the Cubs don’t have a game today that I can savor as my last of the summer.  These days off help a pitching staff, though.  I suppose the health of the Cubs are more important than me having the luxury of lazily watching a game.  I looked ahead on the calendar and I’m pretty pleased that out of the remaining 30 weekday games, the Cubs have 23 night games. 

So on this last day of my vacation, I can’t bring myself to watch the Olympics.  I did watch some out at the bar with friends on Saturday night.  I just can’t do the Olympics.  It might have something to do with the fact that I don’t consider myself a terribly nationalistic person.  The national anthem doesn’t cause me to tear up.  I could not care less if the United States wins medals.  I just have no interest.  But there were other people Saturday night that aren’t nationalists at all and were cheering on Michael Phelps.  I have two main issues with the Olympics:

#1.  I believe that Olympians should compete naked.  Ancient Olympic athletes competed in the nude and these games are a celebration of the human body in peak physical condition.  Now, I think this should be limited to Continue reading

Notes 6/27/08

Yes, I was at Wrigley for the awful game on Thursday against the Baltimore Orioles.  This game was painful for me to sit through.  I am willing to take responsibility for this ugly game.  I took Continue reading


A weekend in Pittsburgh is, well, you know what happened. Although Aramis Ramirez, the Cub RBI machine got key hits in both of the Cubs’ losses, the Cubbies found ways to lose. A lost fly ball Continue reading

5/07/08 Notes

Jon Lieber gets his first start of the year and he promptly gives up 4 HR’s in one inning.  As I am typing this, he is not yet out of the second inning, so that total could change. 

*  I really have to agree with what Cubfan1452 said  Continue reading


Ok, I guess that I should re-clarify myself.  I never said Dusty was a good manager.  I was just as dissapointed as everyone else at not making the playoffs in 2004.  It hurt me just as bad to watch us be terrible in the ensuing years.  My only point is that Continue reading

Baker vs. Piniella

I was prompted by Manstrength’s weak defending of Dusty Baker to look at some stats that I think are are indicative of a much more well-rounded team under Piniella than what the Cubs were under Baker.  Yes, we are only 19 games into this season, and that must be taken into account.  However, 19 games is a significant chunk and I can only believe the current trends will continue.  I focused on a few stats that I had mentioned in my response to Manstrength’s post.  Continue reading

Things on my mind

Dusty-  Alright, I’m not saying the guy was good.. but he’s not that bad.  I mean, lets give him some credit where some credit is due.. He was at the helm when the Cubs had back to back winning seasons for the first time since 1972.  Alright.  Seriously, give the guy some credit.  I’m not saying I was happy when Neifi Perez was starting for us any way we could find a place for him (it kind of surprised me that Dusty didn’t put him in as a starting pitcher in ’06.. I mean, he couldn’t have done any worse there than he did playing short stop.) Continue reading

Marty Brennaman, Asshat of the Week

If you haven’t heard Marty Brennaman’s rant against Cubs fans last week when the Reds were in town, check this out:

Continue reading

It’s a Sunny Day in Cubbie-land

*  The Cubs have a .643 winning percentage.  If they were in any division in the American League, they would be in first place.  We destroyed the Reds last night and have the opportunity to sweep them today.  This weekend, we face the Pirates.  A team that we just swept at their place last week.  If we can just get a good outing from Lilly (he needs it) and keep the bats alive, I’m thinking we’ll be in good shape.  Continue reading

Welcome Back, Dusty

Welcome back to Wrigley Field, Dusty.  I hope to see some of those stellar management skills in the next three days.   So you know, if you have any guys on the club that aren’t necessarily the best players on the roster, but you like because they are “your guys”, Continue reading