Soto Voted Rookie of the Month for April


Geovany Soto was voted the top rookie in the National League for the month of April.  Also in the running was Kosuke Fukudome. 

In the month of April, Soto hit Continue reading


As I watched the Cubbies play the Cardinals last night, all I could think of was what about the pitching. Fukodome was a great addition, and it’s apparent that his presence has certainly added a new dimension(and more hitting for all) to the Cub’s lineup. But, good teams win championships with consistent pitching.   Continue reading

Baker vs. Piniella

I was prompted by Manstrength’s weak defending of Dusty Baker to look at some stats that I think are are indicative of a much more well-rounded team under Piniella than what the Cubs were under Baker.  Yes, we are only 19 games into this season, and that must be taken into account.  However, 19 games is a significant chunk and I can only believe the current trends will continue.  I focused on a few stats that I had mentioned in my response to Manstrength’s post.  Continue reading