NLDS Game 2

Why should I have expected anything different?

It is the top of the 8th and I am confident enough that the Cubs will not score 7 runs in 6 outs to write this.  The now-annual lack of offense in the playoffs is disgusting.  Ok….another run for LA.  Now the Cubs need 8 runs in 6 outs. 

What hurts more,  years of losing seasons or annual collapses in the playoffs?  Perhaps Dick Stockton wouldn’t seem so bad if we weren’t suffering through Continue reading

NLDS Game 1 Review

My God. 

I don’t even know where to begin.  I became increasingly nervous about this game throughout the day.  The last few days have been exciting.  A successful regular season behind us and nothing but potential bliss ahead.  I listened to WSCR 670AM out of Chicago and within hours had chiseled down my fingernails and had a heavy feeling in my stomach.  Celebrating the regular season was over and the post season was about to begin.  Suddenly to me, the Cubs pitching didn’t look quite so great.  I was hearing all of these ridiculous stats about Derek Lowe, Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers in their last 50 or so games.  Wait, this isn’t the team in the playoffs with the worst record.  This is a team that has put something together and surged.  They are hot and everyone knows those teams are the dangerous ones in the playoffs.

So we had an Ivy Envy and friends gathering at the Backyard Pub and Grill.  I think we ended up with 30 or so people coming over.  We were pleased to host Dispatch/Argus Cubs Blogger Matt Veto. Check out his blog, Veto Power. It was a good time but Continue reading

After 161 Games, The Regular Season is Over

Today, the Chicago Cubs wrapped up their regular season in Milwaukee against the Brewers.  Earlier in the season, I expected this series to be epic, but the Cubs have had the division wrapped up for over a year.  This series was still important, especially for the Brewers.  Though the Mets have not lost yet, they trail in the 9th and it looks like the Brewers are headed to the post-season. 

It would have been satisfying for the Cubs to keep the Brewers out of the playoffs.  This also means that the Cubs will face the Dodgers in the NLDS.  I would have preferred that the Cubs played the Mets, though I would imagine one particular IvyEnvy writer is pleased that the Cubs will be in the Los Angeles area at least once in this post-season.

Since I am an Eeyore Cubs fan, potentially facing the Brewers in the playoffs concerns me.  It’s not that I think Continue reading

reppin’ the cubs.

I know it’s taken too long for me to make my first post. I’ll begin making legitimate ones at some point. But I have to make a note of something I’ve been noticing out here in California

As the end of the season draws near and the Cubs still haven’t fucked it all up, Cubs fans are becoming more brave. I see a Cubs hat every day. Sometimes two. Out here in California where everybody is a Dodgers or Angels fan, it’s hard to face the ridicule of being a Cubs fan. Unless they’re winning. I get by o.k. because I don’t give a shit about sports. Only the Cubs. That’s my excuse. When people mock me I tell them I don’t give a shit. I’m a Cubs fan. I don’t pay attention to anything else.

But for other dudes who are actually into sports, the ridicule of being a Cubs fan in California can be painful. There’s no sense that others are suffering with you when they Cubs lose, as there most likely is in Illinois. But I think this feeling of loneliness that goes with being a California Cubs fan is mistaken. If the Cubs Continue reading

Cubs Announcers

Len and Bob

I had a conversation with my Aunt and Uncle (Manstrength’s parents) over the weekend and they both expressed that they can’t stand Len and Bob as announcers.  I have never thought of them as bad announcers or annoying, Continue reading

6/2 Notes

*  What a homestand!  The Cubs went 7-0.  What impresses me most about the Cubs sweeping the Dodgers and the Rockies is that all 7 games were tight baseball games.  This team continues Continue reading

Alternate Ending to Last Night’s Game

As I laid in bed last night, satisfied with the Cubs extra-inning win and delighted with the fact that Soriano slapped a base hit, I created the following scenerio in the form of a lucid dream:

I imagined pausing the world after Fontenot touched homeplate to win the game.  Soriano and I Continue reading


It looks as though the Cubs will face three lefties this weekend, so Reed Johnson will get the starts in Center Field.  We’ll see how he does after sitting on the bench four days in a row.  I somewhat understand this platooning in CF,    Continue reading

Bring on the Pain

Ah, to be a Cub fan, as with most started at an early age. My first cub game was in 1960 or 61. My sister and I went down to Wrigley, I a mere 8 or 9 years old. We sat out in the left field bleachers(my one and only visit to the bleachers) and watched the Dodgers beat the Cubbies. It was “clean-up” week in Chicago, another term for spring break, which always was the last week in April. Wally Moon played left field for the Dodgers. It was chilly, sunny and of course I was smitten for a life of disappointments. Continue reading