reppin’ the cubs.

I know it’s taken too long for me to make my first post. I’ll begin making legitimate ones at some point. But I have to make a note of something I’ve been noticing out here in California

As the end of the season draws near and the Cubs still haven’t fucked it all up, Cubs fans are becoming more brave. I see a Cubs hat every day. Sometimes two. Out here in California where everybody is a Dodgers or Angels fan, it’s hard to face the ridicule of being a Cubs fan. Unless they’re winning. I get by o.k. because I don’t give a shit about sports. Only the Cubs. That’s my excuse. When people mock me I tell them I don’t give a shit. I’m a Cubs fan. I don’t pay attention to anything else.

But for other dudes who are actually into sports, the ridicule of being a Cubs fan in California can be painful. There’s no sense that others are suffering with you when they Cubs lose, as there most likely is in Illinois. But I think this feeling of loneliness that goes with being a California Cubs fan is mistaken. If the Cubs Continue reading

6/6 Notes

*  It’s been kind of quiet here at Ivy Envy.  We try to keep things moving along and fresh for regular readers, but it’s tougher to write when your team rolls off 9 straight and 10 out of 11.  I’m naturally kind of a criticizer Continue reading

Jacque Jones and His Arm

I decided to flip over to ESPN tonight to watch a little of the Angels game.  The first play I see is a base hit to left field by the Angels.  They had a runner on 2nd base and good old Jacque Jones grabs the ball on the run for a play at the plate.    Continue reading