Hey Look–It’s September!

Well the Cubs looked like they were in a great position to grab another series victory against the Phillies, but they failed offensively in the final two games and only managed to split.  My favorite part of today’s game was Sean Marshall showing bunt, pulling it back, and hitting a single to center field.  Other than that I could have done without all the clutch failure and stranded base runners.  Continue reading

Mike Micturated on the Phillies’ Rug

Mike Fontenot, Cubs role-player extraordinaire and Owen Wilson stunt double.

Sure sweeping the Pirates is nice, but playing well against a team like the Phillies is even better.  Thursday’s game was one of the most exciting I’ve seen all season, and there have been quite a few exciting games.  Yes, Ramirez was the big hero of the game, but Mike Fontenot deserves some credit. Continue reading

80 Wins? Make It So!

Thirty-three games left.  Can the Cubs win 100 games for the first time since ’35?  I think it is well within the realm of possibility.  We still aren’t out of the woods yet as far as the NL Central race is concerned, but every day the promised land gets closer and closer.  In my opinion, the Cubs are almost a lock to win the pennant.  It’s when you start to look at how the Cubs match up with potential World Series foes that things get interesting.  But this team is certainly capable of defeating all foes, Ivan Drago style.  “I defeat all men!” Continue reading

My OCD standings watch

I’m just getting back in the groove after a much needed, but far too short summer vacation to Hayward, WI. Brewers country. It’s a beautiful part of the country with lakes, green space and good beer but they put Brewers logos on everything including a Titleist golf hat that was nearly purchased before I noticed it had been defaced with a Brewers logo on the side.

My time away from constant Cubs coverage and cell phone service made me realize I have a problem. Continue reading

reppin’ the cubs.

I know it’s taken too long for me to make my first post. I’ll begin making legitimate ones at some point. But I have to make a note of something I’ve been noticing out here in California

As the end of the season draws near and the Cubs still haven’t fucked it all up, Cubs fans are becoming more brave. I see a Cubs hat every day. Sometimes two. Out here in California where everybody is a Dodgers or Angels fan, it’s hard to face the ridicule of being a Cubs fan. Unless they’re winning. I get by o.k. because I don’t give a shit about sports. Only the Cubs. That’s my excuse. When people mock me I tell them I don’t give a shit. I’m a Cubs fan. I don’t pay attention to anything else.

But for other dudes who are actually into sports, the ridicule of being a Cubs fan in California can be painful. There’s no sense that others are suffering with you when they Cubs lose, as there most likely is in Illinois. But I think this feeling of loneliness that goes with being a California Cubs fan is mistaken. If the Cubs Continue reading

Off Day – Olympics or Little League?

This is the last day of my summer vacation.  I’m a little disappointed that the Cubs don’t have a game today that I can savor as my last of the summer.  These days off help a pitching staff, though.  I suppose the health of the Cubs are more important than me having the luxury of lazily watching a game.  I looked ahead on the calendar and I’m pretty pleased that out of the remaining 30 weekday games, the Cubs have 23 night games. 

So on this last day of my vacation, I can’t bring myself to watch the Olympics.  I did watch some out at the bar with friends on Saturday night.  I just can’t do the Olympics.  It might have something to do with the fact that I don’t consider myself a terribly nationalistic person.  The national anthem doesn’t cause me to tear up.  I could not care less if the United States wins medals.  I just have no interest.  But there were other people Saturday night that aren’t nationalists at all and were cheering on Michael Phelps.  I have two main issues with the Olympics:

#1.  I believe that Olympians should compete naked.  Ancient Olympic athletes competed in the nude and these games are a celebration of the human body in peak physical condition.  Now, I think this should be limited to Continue reading

20th Anniversary of the First Night Game


Today is the 20th anniversary of the first night game at Wrigley Field.  Actually, tomorrow is officially the 20th anniversary of the first night game.  The game on 8/8/88 was called after 3 1/2 innings because of weather.  At that time, my parents owned a True Value, which was one of the coroporate sponsors for the evening. Well, True Value had some contest to give tickets away and there was this sweet box you put your entry into that was shaped like the Wrigley Field sign that’s on the stadium at the corner of Clark and Addison.  I should have kept that box, it’ll probably be worth something someday considering it was designed specially for the night game.  Now I wasn’t able to win this contest because I was a family member of employees of True Value.  As an 10 year old, my parents had to explain this concept to me daily throughout the summer. 

So here we are, a short 20 years later.  I could write some great comprehensive blog documenting the best 10 moments Continue reading

Bipolar Bats Again

Well, the Cubs have been playing pretty good baseball, so what can we whine about, damnit?  These are just not the Cubs we’ve come to know and love.  When the Pirates tied up the game in the eighth inning on Sunday, the old Cubs would’ve rolled over into “steamrollme” position.  However, this year’s team responded to the Pirates’ equalizer with back-to-back homeruns in the bottom of the eighth to put the Cubs ahead for good.  I don’t think Reed Johnson’s contributions to this team can be overstated.  He has been pretty clutch. Continue reading