Off Day – Olympics or Little League?

This is the last day of my summer vacation.  I’m a little disappointed that the Cubs don’t have a game today that I can savor as my last of the summer.  These days off help a pitching staff, though.  I suppose the health of the Cubs are more important than me having the luxury of lazily watching a game.  I looked ahead on the calendar and I’m pretty pleased that out of the remaining 30 weekday games, the Cubs have 23 night games. 

So on this last day of my vacation, I can’t bring myself to watch the Olympics.  I did watch some out at the bar with friends on Saturday night.  I just can’t do the Olympics.  It might have something to do with the fact that I don’t consider myself a terribly nationalistic person.  The national anthem doesn’t cause me to tear up.  I could not care less if the United States wins medals.  I just have no interest.  But there were other people Saturday night that aren’t nationalists at all and were cheering on Michael Phelps.  I have two main issues with the Olympics:

#1.  I believe that Olympians should compete naked.  Ancient Olympic athletes competed in the nude and these games are a celebration of the human body in peak physical condition.  Now, I think this should be limited to Continue reading