More Asshattery from Ozzie

Ozzie Guillen

I don’t know what it is about this guy, but he feels the need to trivialize the accomplishments of every opposing player.  Jim Edmonds has become a valuable piece of the Cubs.  So Ozzie must downplay Edmonds’ accomplishments Continue reading

Asshats of the Week

Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams

The title of Asshat of the Week is being shared this week by White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen and GM Kenny Williams.  Ozzie for his comments about Wrigley and Kenny for his comments about the Cubs.  These guys have a major little-brother complex Continue reading

New Asshat of the Week

Since I can’t seem to embed this crap, here is a link:  Asshat of the Week.

I think that every sports team has its share of embarassing fans.  We find ourselves wishing that these people would show some maturity, respect, and moderation.  Cards fans everywhere should be wishing that this guy Continue reading