Cubs Announcers

Len and Bob

I had a conversation with my Aunt and Uncle (Manstrength’s parents) over the weekend and they both expressed that they can’t stand Len and Bob as announcers.  I have never thought of them as bad announcers or annoying, Continue reading

Alternate Jerseys and ESPN


I swear at the beginning of the season, I heard that they Cubs were not going to use those alternate home jerseys.  I believe in the past, it has been up to the starting pitcher if the team wears pinstripes or the blues.

I cannot express how much I hate these blue jerseys. I think they look stupid against the blue pinstriped pants. Plus, they look like slow-pitch softball beer league jerseys. Continue reading

Things on my mind

Dusty-  Alright, I’m not saying the guy was good.. but he’s not that bad.  I mean, lets give him some credit where some credit is due.. He was at the helm when the Cubs had back to back winning seasons for the first time since 1972.  Alright.  Seriously, give the guy some credit.  I’m not saying I was happy when Neifi Perez was starting for us any way we could find a place for him (it kind of surprised me that Dusty didn’t put him in as a starting pitcher in ’06.. I mean, he couldn’t have done any worse there than he did playing short stop.) Continue reading