NLDS Game 2

Why should I have expected anything different?

It is the top of the 8th and I am confident enough that the Cubs will not score 7 runs in 6 outs to write this.  The now-annual lack of offense in the playoffs is disgusting.  Ok….another run for LA.  Now the Cubs need 8 runs in 6 outs. 

What hurts more,  years of losing seasons or annual collapses in the playoffs?  Perhaps Dick Stockton wouldn’t seem so bad if we weren’t suffering through Continue reading

Asshat of the week?

It’s not that he gets pumped and shows his excitement–although showing emotion on the mound is enough to make pitchers hated by rival fans (see Zambrano and Marmol).  It’s the damn theatrics.  The guy has a strict warmup ritual (this is so out of control) and a strikeout ritual as well.  He never steps on a foul line, and he always keeps three sticks of gum in his mouth.  Just pitch the freakin ball.  Of course baseball has always been fertile ground for superstition, but this guy takes the cake.  If Bob Howry, Carlos Zambrano, and Turk Wendell had a love child, Valverde would be it.  Finally, have a look at his irritating winning celebration.  Maybe this is just sour grapes since our closer lost the game last night, but I almost hope that the game tonight goes to a save situation for Valverde so the Cubs have the opportunity to score a boatload of runs on him.  Continue reading

80 Wins? Make It So!

Thirty-three games left.  Can the Cubs win 100 games for the first time since ’35?  I think it is well within the realm of possibility.  We still aren’t out of the woods yet as far as the NL Central race is concerned, but every day the promised land gets closer and closer.  In my opinion, the Cubs are almost a lock to win the pennant.  It’s when you start to look at how the Cubs match up with potential World Series foes that things get interesting.  But this team is certainly capable of defeating all foes, Ivan Drago style.  “I defeat all men!” Continue reading

Choose your weapon

Ever since the All-Star break, it seems that we never know which bat the Cubs hitters will swing on a particular day.  Too often it has been the ice bat, and quality starts are being wasted. Continue reading

Harden– +1 to Defense

One of the most exciting aspects of the Cubs-Giants emotional roller coaster yesterday was the performance of Rich Harden.  He was a strikeout machine, fanning 10 batters in 5+ innings pitched.  Before, when kids in Chicago heard the word “Harden,” they thought of a move their metapod pokemon could do that would add +1 to defense; however, now they will think of Rich Harden, the newest Cubs vehicle to victory.  Harden’s range in velocity on his fastball as well as his excellent command threw the Giants’ hitters off.  Add his great change-up to the mix, and we have a new prevailing wind originating at the plate and heading to center field.  Continue reading

Go West, Young Man!

Matt Murton

It’s taken me a few days to come to terms with the fact that Matt Murton is no longer a member of the Chicago Cubs.  Although I knew it was going to happen, I didn’t expect it to happen this early in July.  It’s hard to put your feelings into words when things like this happen.  Even though my favorite Cub is no more, I can say that there are some positives that come out of this trade.

First of all, I think Matt Murton would be of value to teams.  I think he would Continue reading

Bonne Chance, Murton & Gallagher! Get bent, E-Pat!

In a move designed to keep all bugeaters in Nebraska and California, the Cubs have shipped Sean Gallagher, Matt Murton, Eric Patterson, and Josh Donaldson off to Oakland for Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin.

sean g sean g2

Either someone at is a Photoshop champ, or Gallagher’s “bring me a bowl of Life Cereal” grin was no one-time fluke occurrence.  But Life is not the only thing Gallagher likes to ingest, apparently.  The Sun-Timeswebsite reports that “Derrek Lee spotted a bug in his locker Saturday in St. Louis, [and] Gallagher ate it for an undisclosed sum of cash — to the disgust and delight of Lee and teammate Reed Johnson.”  However, despite Gallagher’s billygoat-esque stance toward eating, I wish he was still a Cub.  I don’t feel that his numbers this year reflected his potential as a pitcher (3-4 4.45 era); some of his starts did feature anemic offense from the Cubs.

I’ll leave the Matt Murton farewell post up to Corey, but Daft Funk of Thunder Matt’s Saloon had this Lebowski pastiche for Murton’s departure: Continue reading