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Here comes the offseason

How much longer?


How much longer?

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing and falling. The temperature is dropping and hopefully will numb the pain of the early playoff exit and we’ll all turn our attention to other sporting interests. The Bears are better than expected, the Irish have more wins than they had all of last season (that was for you, Corey), the Bulls are young and can only be better with #1 pick Derrick Rose and, if you’re in to the sport of Pailin, the Blackhawks have some young talent as well and they’ll be playing outdoors at Wrigley.

But wait… I have a feeling that our beloved Cubbies won’t allow our attention to be diverted this offseason. Continue reading

Asshat of the week?

It’s not that he gets pumped and shows his excitement–although showing emotion on the mound is enough to make pitchers hated by rival fans (see Zambrano and Marmol).  It’s the damn theatrics.  The guy has a strict warmup ritual (this is so out of control) and a strikeout ritual as well.  He never steps on a foul line, and he always keeps three sticks of gum in his mouth.  Just pitch the freakin ball.  Of course baseball has always been fertile ground for superstition, but this guy takes the cake.  If Bob Howry, Carlos Zambrano, and Turk Wendell had a love child, Valverde would be it.  Finally, have a look at his irritating winning celebration.  Maybe this is just sour grapes since our closer lost the game last night, but I almost hope that the game tonight goes to a save situation for Valverde so the Cubs have the opportunity to score a boatload of runs on him.  Continue reading

Off Day – Olympics or Little League?

This is the last day of my summer vacation.  I’m a little disappointed that the Cubs don’t have a game today that I can savor as my last of the summer.  These days off help a pitching staff, though.  I suppose the health of the Cubs are more important than me having the luxury of lazily watching a game.  I looked ahead on the calendar and I’m pretty pleased that out of the remaining 30 weekday games, the Cubs have 23 night games. 

So on this last day of my vacation, I can’t bring myself to watch the Olympics.  I did watch some out at the bar with friends on Saturday night.  I just can’t do the Olympics.  It might have something to do with the fact that I don’t consider myself a terribly nationalistic person.  The national anthem doesn’t cause me to tear up.  I could not care less if the United States wins medals.  I just have no interest.  But there were other people Saturday night that aren’t nationalists at all and were cheering on Michael Phelps.  I have two main issues with the Olympics:

#1.  I believe that Olympians should compete naked.  Ancient Olympic athletes competed in the nude and these games are a celebration of the human body in peak physical condition.  Now, I think this should be limited to Continue reading

Kerry Wood’s Nintendo Finger

My friend James pointed out that we haven’t really talked about Kerry Wood’s blister issue much yet.  Many Cubs fans are wondering how it is possible that he has been sidelined with this blister since June 11th.  In my opinion, there have to be factors other than baseball involved.  Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Lee Elia

Look, I know everyone and their sister are out there talking about Lee Elia’s rant today.. but it wouldn’t be right if Continue reading

April Hope


April 1991: Pittsburgh

The bases were loaded, and Andre Dawson came up to bat in the top of the ninth.  The Cubs were down 3-0.  I rocked back and forth on the couch and watched anxiously as Dawson dug in. 

“Wouldn’t it be awsome if he hit a grand slam?” I mused aloud.  As soon as I said it, I realized I was falling into my typical routine of willing my woeful team to win.  Continue reading

Ivy Envy

Welcome to Ivy Envy.

We are a group of guys that are lifelong Cubs fans. At this time, there are six authors. Five of us are from Illinois and one is a Californian. We are using this forum to discuss everything Cubs-related. This will not be where you go for up-to-the-second news from the clubhouse, but we do hope to inform and entertain. You will get six opinions and points of view.

This site will change over time, and perhaps in the matter of days.  Things will improve and we’ll be able to add features to make it more of a “one stop shop”.

To start this blog, I have asked the authors to introduce themselves and tell you about their experience with the Cubs.  

Make yourself at home and we encourage you to participate.