Ivy Envy State of the Union

First off, we’d like to thank all of you that read Ivy Envy.  We really enjoy sharing our love of the Cubs with you, and it’s been fun to share conversations with you that we normally have with each other.  Thanks for reading and please, jump in with your opinions whenever you’d like.  Also, please share Ivy Envy with any Cubs fans you know. 

We have a lot of ideas that we would like to do with Ivy Envy, but at this point, we are pretty limited with what WordPress will allow.  We are looking at doing something to free ourselves up a little bit to do what we would like.  The first thing we are going to try is Continue reading

Reality Sinks In

The Cubs have successfully sucked the life out of me after this weekend.  The only thing keeping me from a complete meltdown after being swept by the White Sox is that the Cubs swept them the weekend before.  The White Sox hit the cover off the ball and our pitching staff Continue reading



Let’s talk about the defensive play of the Cubs yesterday.  Most articles I read focus on Dempster’s poor performance, but let’s not forget the fielding mistakes that cost the Cubs runs.  When the score was still 0-0, Patterson caught a fly ball and very slowly and nonchalantly tossed it back in while one of the Sox took second base.  That runner would eventually score the first run.  Plays like that don’t show up in the error column, but they cost the team.  I realize that Patterson Continue reading

Notes 6/27/08

Yes, I was at Wrigley for the awful game on Thursday against the Baltimore Orioles.  This game was painful for me to sit through.  I am willing to take responsibility for this ugly game.  I took Continue reading

Forthcoming Aural Delight

Hey Cubs fans–Get ready for a steady diet of









As the Cubs face the Sox at “The Cell”







Here’s J-lo in The Cell.  She must be hanging out in the locker rooms or something.

And if all of this wasn’t enough to make me have a joy shiver, Continue reading

Everything Must Come to an End

I don’t doubt Lou that much, but last night’s 9th inning seemed like it could have played out a little different.  Some of the pinch-hitting decisions Continue reading

Last Ozzie Post…Until This Weekend, Probably.

After watching Ozzie and his pathetic White Sox crumble to the Cubs, I think I realized why Ozzie makes such foolish and inflammatory statements.  I have two theories:  Continue reading

More Asshattery from Ozzie

Ozzie Guillen

I don’t know what it is about this guy, but he feels the need to trivialize the accomplishments of every opposing player.  Jim Edmonds has become a valuable piece of the Cubs.  So Ozzie must downplay Edmonds’ accomplishments Continue reading

Asshats of the Week

Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams

The title of Asshat of the Week is being shared this week by White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen and GM Kenny Williams.  Ozzie for his comments about Wrigley and Kenny for his comments about the Cubs.  These guys have a major little-brother complex Continue reading

Who is the new Michael Barrett?


So the White Sox are headed to the North Side for the weekend’s Crosstown Series.  The Cubs come limping into Wrigley after getting swept for the first time this year….by the Tampa Rays.  That just doesn’t sound right. 

So maybe Lou will be looking to fire the team up.  Maybe a guy in cubbie blue will step up and motivate his team Continue reading