Ivy Envy Prepares Its Return

I don’t think any of the Ivy Envy writers anticipated this extended dead period on the blog.  I think it’s a pretty good indicator of how most Cubs fans felt after the October collapse of 2008.  For a few months, I couldn’t even stomach the idea of thinking about the Cubs.  But I’m happy to say that my hibernation is essentially over.   I pulled out my Cubs hat and wore it for the first time since early October.  Although, if the thermometer didn’t read -29 here this morning, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to put a hat on.  But I looked at all my hats and I made the decision to wear the blue hat with the red “C” on it.   To me, that says something.  I took my daughter out for breakfast today and two people commented on my hat.  Maybe we’re all “getting there”. 

And although it appears that Ivy Envy has been dead, the fact is that we have recently begun planning Ivy Envy’s coverage of the 2009 season.  Last year was a learning process for all of us and we have some ideas to extend Ivy Envy’s reach a little.  Expect to see Continue reading