You Can Expect Awful Commentary from TBS in NLDS


Let’s hope that the tv-radio delay isn’t that bad for TBS.  I don’t know about anyone else, but my delay varies from day to day and channel to channel.  Now I haven’t made it a secret that I don’t particularly enjoy listening to Pat and Ron because Ron is hard for me to handle sometimes.  However, anything would be better than the TBS announcers covering this series. 

TBS is sending Richard Stockton and Ron Darling.  If you aren’t familiar with Richard Stockton, Continue reading


The Morning After

*  I’m a Cubs fan.  I should know better than to publically display optimism.  Ted Lilly is now 0-3 and has not had his ERA below 9.00 since his first game.  I knew better than expect a repeat performance of last year (15-8, 3.83 ERA), but he’s been just awful so far.   Continue reading