Is Miller Park REALLY an Away Game?

I believe I have written before that the idea that “This series is important” or “This game is important” is kind of a silly notion.  There are 162 games and though the idea is to just win series’, there are numerous opportunities to make up lost ground.  That said…this series is important.

I don’t think it’s terribly important numbers-wise, although the Cubs and Brewers were close enough last year for it to scare me.  If a few games would have gone the other way, the Cubs wouldn’t have enjoyed getting destroyed by the Arizona in the playoffs.  This series feels important because it has the potential to be a momentum-builder, especially for the Cubs.  I would think it would be kind of deflating for the Brewers Continue reading


Rumblings From a Drunken Idiot

So the other day.. I decided to go watch the Cubs play.  I guess it would have been Wednesday.  I end up sitting next to this guy.. Mick.  He was just one of those guys that just talks to hear himself talk.. and that’s fine if, while talking, you make sense.  Mick brought something to my attention though.  In fact, he brought a few things to my attention: Continue reading