A Struggling Cubs Fan

There is one aspect of blogging that I have not been able to fully grasp. That would be timeliness. I could not pull myself together and organize my thoughts to write anything after the three-game sweep to the Dodgers. I would imagine that you were all experiencing the same feelings that swept through me.
How could this happen? How can a team look so consistently dominant for 162 games and then crumble in the playoffs? I have no answers. I don’t even want to talk baseball. I haven’t watched a playoff game since that Saturday night that Andy and I huddled around a campfire listening to Pat and Ron call the final Cubs game of the “magical” 2008 season.

So where do we go from here? Forget the Cubs, I’m not talking about them. We have the next four or five months to over-analyze the roster changes and line-up adjustments. This time right now, this is our time. Us Cubs fans deserve a good amount of time to forget analyzing this team and focus on ourselves. We got screwed over. Don’t tell me we aren’t owed anything. Look at what we’ve suffered through. If there is such a thing as fans that deserve a championship, it’s us.


I have gone through the gamut of emotions. For a very brief period of time, I decided I was done with the Cubs. I couldn’t take the heartbreak anymore. I can’t accurately say how long this lasted. It may have been Continue reading


Bring on the Pain

Ah, to be a Cub fan, as with most started at an early age. My first cub game was in 1960 or 61. My sister and I went down to Wrigley, I a mere 8 or 9 years old. We sat out in the left field bleachers(my one and only visit to the bleachers) and watched the Dodgers beat the Cubbies. It was “clean-up” week in Chicago, another term for spring break, which always was the last week in April. Wally Moon played left field for the Dodgers. It was chilly, sunny and of course I was smitten for a life of disappointments. Continue reading