Cubs Announcers

Len and Bob

I had a conversation with my Aunt and Uncle (Manstrength’s parents) over the weekend and they both expressed that they can’t stand Len and Bob as announcers.  I have never thought of them as bad announcers or annoying, Continue reading


The Best Game I Never Saw

I sat at work today, occasionally looking at the score of today’s Cubs vs. Rockies game.  After a 4 run deficit in the 1st inning and a 8 run deficit by the middle of the 4th inning, I had all but written off this game.  At least we can take care of them tomorrow and salvage the series…right?  Well, by the 7th inning, Continue reading

5/07/08 Notes

Jon Lieber gets his first start of the year and he promptly gives up 4 HR’s in one inning.  As I am typing this, he is not yet out of the second inning, so that total could change. 

*  I really have to agree with what Cubfan1452 said  Continue reading

The Cubs are (not) on TV

Well, ESPN can’t be blamed for this, but tonight the Cubs are not on TV outside Chicagoland.  Every once in a while, when the games are only on WCIU, our local cable company will throw the game   Continue reading

Cubs Game Blacked Out


If anyone can explain this “blacked out” thing to me, I’d really appreciate it.  In relation to the rest of the country, most of us on this blog are within a stone’s throw of Chicago.  We are way outside the Chicago television market, though.  Continue reading

The Phrase, Part II

Apparently, I was not the only person with this concept on my mind today.  On my way home from work, I was listening to The Score, WSCR 670AM and Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein were discussing this very same issue.  Continue reading

New Books

My mom had me in mind when she was browsing through the used books for sale at our local library. She picked up two Cubs books for me.  Continue reading