NLDS Game 2

Why should I have expected anything different?

It is the top of the 8th and I am confident enough that the Cubs will not score 7 runs in 6 outs to write this.  The now-annual lack of offense in the playoffs is disgusting.  Ok….another run for LA.  Now the Cubs need 8 runs in 6 outs. 

What hurts more,  years of losing seasons or annual collapses in the playoffs?  Perhaps Dick Stockton wouldn’t seem so bad if we weren’t suffering through poor play by the Cubs.  Seriously, Dick…a bad play in the field isn’t called an “era”.  Error has an “o” and an “r” at the end of the word. 

In my last post and in many posts on here, I identify myself as the pessimistic Cubs fan.  That will probably never change.  Yet I still can’t shake the feeling that this team is capable of ripping off 2 wins in LA and bringing this series back to Chicago.  We have seen them roll off winning streaks and unlikely wins all season. 

Let’s take it one game at a time, though.  For Game 3, the Cubs need to:

1.  Find their offense. 

2.  Harden needs to get some quick outs and keep the pitch count down so he can last more than 5 innings.

I was just discussing with Manstrength that I think the Cubs need to get out of Chicago.  Get them out in LA, let them pull together and take on an “us against the world” attitude.  The pressure is just stupid in Chicago.  I honestly think they can take Game 3.


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