NLDS Game 1 Review

My God. 

I don’t even know where to begin.  I became increasingly nervous about this game throughout the day.  The last few days have been exciting.  A successful regular season behind us and nothing but potential bliss ahead.  I listened to WSCR 670AM out of Chicago and within hours had chiseled down my fingernails and had a heavy feeling in my stomach.  Celebrating the regular season was over and the post season was about to begin.  Suddenly to me, the Cubs pitching didn’t look quite so great.  I was hearing all of these ridiculous stats about Derek Lowe, Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers in their last 50 or so games.  Wait, this isn’t the team in the playoffs with the worst record.  This is a team that has put something together and surged.  They are hot and everyone knows those teams are the dangerous ones in the playoffs.

So we had an Ivy Envy and friends gathering at the Backyard Pub and Grill.  I think we ended up with 30 or so people coming over.  We were pleased to host Dispatch/Argus Cubs Blogger Matt Veto. Check out his blog, Veto Power. It was a good time but we didn’t have much to cheer for.  It felt a lot like watching the Cubs in the playoffs last year…except Aramis Ramirez actually got a base hit. 

So I don’t know.  This can’t be it.  We needed Game 1 though.  For crying out loud, Dempster doesn’t lose at home.  The Cubs don’t lose at home.  I’m feeling confident about tomorrow night’s game, though.  I am the Eeyore Cubs fan.  The pessimistic guy waiting for the other shoe to drop.  But I have faith in Zambrano in big games.  I know a lot of people are nervous about Zambrano on the hill after his last few starts.  The crowd was never a factor tonight and if there is anyone that can bring the crowd into a game, it’s Zambrano.  I just can’t see him allowing himself to lose in the playoffs.  He will hold it together.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t play the role of the offensive spark, too. 

If I’m wrong…it’s over.


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