After 161 Games, The Regular Season is Over

Today, the Chicago Cubs wrapped up their regular season in Milwaukee against the Brewers.  Earlier in the season, I expected this series to be epic, but the Cubs have had the division wrapped up for over a year.  This series was still important, especially for the Brewers.  Though the Mets have not lost yet, they trail in the 9th and it looks like the Brewers are headed to the post-season. 

It would have been satisfying for the Cubs to keep the Brewers out of the playoffs.  This also means that the Cubs will face the Dodgers in the NLDS.  I would have preferred that the Cubs played the Mets, though I would imagine one particular IvyEnvy writer is pleased that the Cubs will be in the Los Angeles area at least once in this post-season.

Since I am an Eeyore Cubs fan, potentially facing the Brewers in the playoffs concerns me.  It’s not that I think they match up against the Cubs or have played the Cubs particularly well.  It’s that it would only be fitting that the Cubs would lose in the playoffs to a team from their own division that they finished ahead of by 7.5 games. 

It was fitting that the Cubs would end their regular season with a double play off the bat of Derek Lee.  Also, I really hope Howry is not on the post-season roster. 

But I will attempt to put my fretting and negative thoughts aside.  The Cubs are in the playoffs for the second straight year.  This team is better than it was last year.  Let’s have some fun with this.


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  1. Howry’s in.

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