The Wheels are Back On and Chugging Right Along


I had come close to giving up on the Cubs.  I expected a monumental melt-down.  And until last Wednesday, we had no reason to not expect that meltdown.  I mean…swept by the Astros at home, then lose 2 of 3 in Cincy and then losing the opener to the Cardinals.  This is it, right?  The new ’69? 

Hell no.  These boys in blue came back with a vengeance and within days, have the magic number down to 4.  That’s right, if the Cubs can sweep the Brewers this week, we have won the division and the Brewers will be 11 games behind us and most likely out of the wild card chase.  In three consecutive games, the Cubs have thrown a no-hitter (thank you to WGN and CSN for allowing me to only see the last 3 outs on ESPN), thrown a one-hitter and then beat the “unbeatable” CC Sabathia. 

Now, I have to assume the responsibility for this near-collapse by the Cubs.  I got tired of putting my “W” flag up and taking it down, so I left it up for a few weeks.  Then the Cubs went downhill.  To break the curse (we are Cubs fans, right?), I took the flag down on September 10th before the Cardinals game.  They had lost 8 of 9 at that point.  My wife got me a new regular Cubs fan, so I took down the “W” flag and put the new flag up.  Their record since I did that?  5-0.  Fellow fans, I promise to not display my “W” flag with such disregard again.  It’s clear that the teams success is based on my laziness in flag removal.  I won’t let you, or the Cubs down.

The Cubs have a chance to take two more games off the magic number tonight.  Unfortunately, we have to suffer through an ESPN broadcast, but I will turn on the radio to see what the delay is like while listening to Pat and Ron.  The radio/tv delay is never predictable and it ranges from right on to tolerable to painful to laughable. 

There are lots of topics I could write about….like Fukudome.  But I find it so hard to find time to write on Ivy Envy.  I need to get back in the swing of things so I can write something of more substance.


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  1. I wish I could suffer through an ESPN broadcast. Apparently I’m blacked out with Mediacom. I just have a ridiculously repeating ESPNews segment. I’m pissed. Why does MLB not want people to watch their games?

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