20th Anniversary of the First Night Game


Today is the 20th anniversary of the first night game at Wrigley Field.  Actually, tomorrow is officially the 20th anniversary of the first night game.  The game on 8/8/88 was called after 3 1/2 innings because of weather.  At that time, my parents owned a True Value, which was one of the coroporate sponsors for the evening. Well, True Value had some contest to give tickets away and there was this sweet box you put your entry into that was shaped like the Wrigley Field sign that’s on the stadium at the corner of Clark and Addison.  I should have kept that box, it’ll probably be worth something someday considering it was designed specially for the night game.  Now I wasn’t able to win this contest because I was a family member of employees of True Value.  As an 10 year old, my parents had to explain this concept to me daily throughout the summer. 

So here we are, a short 20 years later.  I could write some great comprehensive blog documenting the best 10 moments under the lights at Wrigley, but we aren’t one of those legitimate blogs.  The Cubs have not ended their season on a chilly night in October, under the lights with Chicago erupting into bedlam.  I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened yet.  Wouldn’t that be the best moment under the lights at Wrigley?

I’ve kind of disappeared from Ivy Envy.  I help organize an event the first weekend in August, so I’ve been distracted.  The biggest thing that distracts me from watching the Cubs, my job, starts back up next Tuesday, so I will resort to watching night games and reading game-recaps and maybe sneaking in some Pat and Ron while I work.   I have to admit, I’ll miss Len Kasper’s Kermit-the-frog homerun call.

Now, I like it that the Cubs play so many day-games, especially throughout the summer as I’m sitting at home with my daughters.  I’d much rather watch the Cubs than whatever Nickelodeon show is on.  But when I go back to work that second week in August, I realize what everyone else that is a contributing member to society has been experiencing all summer and mark the night games on my calendar in anticipation. 

I couldn’t pick a better series for this weekend than the Cubs vs. Cardinals in Wrigley.  I’ve mentioned before that about half of the people I work with are Cardinals fans and with the way the Cubs have been playing lately, I’d love to go back to work on Tuesday with a series win to brag about.  I hope that it’s been a long enough summer that they have forgotten everything I have said in the past and I’ll be able to convince them that I’ve ALWAYS liked Jim Edmonds. 

So why isn’t tonight a night-game?  It’s the 20 year anniversary of the first night game, a meeting of two teams that are not only involved in the division race but also two teams that make up one of the biggest rivalries in baseball.  Oh sorry Brewers fans, you have a long way to go before you de-throne the Cardinals as our biggest rival.  Two decent seasons and a fat pitcher doesn’t get you there.


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