Samardzija Says He’s a Cub

Len and Bob have mentioned multiple times tonight that Jeff Samardzija may be called up the Cubs since Kerry Wood was placed on the disabled list.  They stated the decision of who the Cubs decided to call up would be announced after the game tonight. 

This was posted on Jeff Samardzija’s blog:

This is what you dream of as a kid.
I’ll see you in Chicago.

If this is true, it happened much sooner than I expected.  He has posted a 4-1 record with a 3.13 ERA in his short stint in Iowa and has apparently earned himself what will probably be an extended weekend in Chicago.  I never imagined I would see a Notre Dame football player in a Cubs uniform.  Samardzija has brought together my love for the Irish and the Cubs.

I had discussed before that I needed to find a new favorite player.  Now, how could it be anyone else?  But I’m not ready to make that commitment. 

The following YouTube clip is from my favorite Samardzija play.  I was at this game and Samardzija scored this TD right in front of us.  Notre Dame had struggled offensively all day and was 80 yards and 90 seconds from losing to UCLA.  This ended the drive and gave the Irish a victory. 



That was just pulled from Samardzija’s blog.

Your guess is as good as mine.

2 Responses

  1. My guess is that the Cubs asked him to pull it. We’ll see …

  2. Yeah. I would assume that the club would rather announce it first.

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