Break Over… Let’s Get Back to Work

Tomorrow night we embark on the 2nd half, and it looks like Ted Lilly will get a chance to make up for his last start in which he allowed 4 ER and only lasted 2.2 innings.  I am excited for the rest of this season.  Seeing the Cubs pitchers do well against the best of the AL in the All-Star Game was encouraging.

Speaking of the All-Star Game, Matt Veto wrote a great post detailing how attaching home field advantage to an All-Star Game victory made people engaged in the game in a bad way.  I found myself being ticked off at Uggla as well; this game should be a relaxing experience for the players and the fans.  Just give home field advantage to the team with the best record.

Since we didn’t get to see Wood pitch in the All-Star Game, let’s look back to his 20 K game.

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