No Rest for Marmol

I have been saving a post for my All-Star Game opinions until the break.  I had planned on discussing why I thought it was ridiculous that the Cubs have eight All-Stars and a few players, specifically Fukudome, probably did not deserve the trip to Yankee Stadium.  But I’ve read enough columns, message boards and blogs touching on this subject that I’m not going to go there in great detail. 

Blogging is somewhat new to me and that was one example that has shown me in the world of blogging that there is no time to sit on information or an opinion.  Chances are that 400 people are thinking the same thing and if they beat you to the punch, you don’t look very original. 

But as far as the All-Star game goes, this event is more than just an exhibition game.  It now determines the home-field advantage for the World Series.  As a Cubs fan, I’ve never really cared too much about home-field advantage because the World Series never seemed very attainable.  This year, I care.  I want the best players in the National League out there earning that advantage for the World Series just in case the Cubs make it that far.  Soriano had no right getting voted to the All-Star team.  He has only played in 54% of the Cubs games this year.  That is one reason I don’t like fan voting.  Barry Bonds didn’t deserve to be an All-Star last year.  Soriano does not deserve it this year.  I mean, I understand the guy has been injured, but that’s part of the game.  I personally believe that Jason Bay and Rick Ankiel are more deserving that Soriano or Fukudome.  It’s tough for a Cubs fan to say that about Ankiel, but I believe it to be true. 

I have not played organized baseball since Little League and I have no way of knowing how grueling a season is.  But I would think that the All-Star Break is a nice little breather for Major League players.  The Cubs are in the race and I don’t think we need 8 of our guys not getting that valuable rest. 

The player on the roster that probably needs that rest the most is Carlos Marmol and I couldn’t believe when I saw he was being inserted in the All-Star game roster.  Andy mentioned that we had discussed the fact that he is possibly being over-used.  The innings pitched numbers that Andy cited scare me.  This is a guy that the Cubs need healthy and on-fire in September and October.  He looks spent at the halfway point.  This year, in 10 fewer games, he’s given up 24 earned runs compared to 11 last year.  He has also given up 7 homeruns this year, compared to 3 last year.  His struggles have been fairly recent (last 3 weeks) rather than the whole season and this is why I’m inclined to think he’s being overused.  I think he should have the All-Star break off and then do a week in Iowa to get his bearings, rather than going to the All-Star Game.  Saturday’s debacle against the Giants should be enough to keep him out of Yankee Stadium this week.  I’m not down on the guy, I just think he needs rest and (for the lack of a better term) his mojo back.  So Clint Hurdle, please leave Marmol in the bullpen.  I know the Rockies won’t be needing it, but another National League team would like the home-field advantage.

Two quickies about the All-Star Break:

* I am so glad the break is here.  Can Len and Bob please stop using the term “recharge his batteries” now? 

* I would like the Homerun Derby, even though I’m a small-ball kind of guy, if Chris Berman didn’t announce the stupid thing.  The Official Ivy Envy Homerun Derby Drinking Game:  Whenever Berman names off some local suburb/borough/landmark when describing how far a ball is hit, you have to take a drink.

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  1. You could’ve made a drinking game out of the extremely repetitive Hamilton-related chatter.

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