More Asshattery from Ozzie

Ozzie Guillen

I don’t know what it is about this guy, but he feels the need to trivialize the accomplishments of every opposing player.  Jim Edmonds has become a valuable piece of the Cubs.  So Ozzie must downplay Edmonds’ accomplishments Continue reading


Asshats of the Week

Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams

The title of Asshat of the Week is being shared this week by White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen and GM Kenny Williams.  Ozzie for his comments about Wrigley and Kenny for his comments about the Cubs.  These guys have a major little-brother complex Continue reading

Who is the new Michael Barrett?


So the White Sox are headed to the North Side for the weekend’s Crosstown Series.  The Cubs come limping into Wrigley after getting swept for the first time this year….by the Tampa Rays.  That just doesn’t sound right. 

So maybe Lou will be looking to fire the team up.  Maybe a guy in cubbie blue will step up and motivate his team Continue reading

World Series Preview Part II

Well, if the Cubs were to get to the World Series and face the Rays, let’s hope the National League pulls through in the All-Star Game and gives the Cubs home field advantage.  The Cubs have lots of travel and not very much rest Continue reading

Cubs Announcers

Len and Bob

I had a conversation with my Aunt and Uncle (Manstrength’s parents) over the weekend and they both expressed that they can’t stand Len and Bob as announcers.  I have never thought of them as bad announcers or annoying, Continue reading

World Series Preview – Cubs vs. Rays

This upcoming Cubs vs. Rays series is probably the most interesting series of the season thus far.  And it will hold that title until this weekend when the White Sox stroll into Wrigley.  I wouldn’t have imagined in April that this series could be this interesting.  But here we are in mid-June Continue reading

Miscellany 2: The Vengeance

Another great post by Matt Veto today.  He makes a great point about the HOF game that was scheduled for today, and he says some nice things about Reed Johnson that are right up my alley (Sorry I forgot to mention your little Trufflehunter hookbeard on my facial hair post, Reed).  Veto also posted a link to The Ted Lilly Fan Club, and it is well worth checking out.  They have a poll question posted at the top of the page: Continue reading