Reality Sinks In

The Cubs have successfully sucked the life out of me after this weekend.  The only thing keeping me from a complete meltdown after being swept by the White Sox is that the Cubs swept them the weekend before.  The White Sox hit the cover off the ball and our pitching staff is performing closer to where I think their skill levels really are. 

The fact of the matter is that injuries will catch up with a ball-club.  You can’t lose your All-Star outfielder in Alfonso Soriano, the ace of the pitching staff in Carlos Zambrano, and a gritty guy that helped spark this team early in the year in Reed Johnson, and expect to continue the pace that the Cubs were on.  What usually happens is that the club will run off adrenaline for a series or two, then the loss of those players will catch up with them and they will hit a skid.  This skid is even more imminent when you are forced to bring up people like Eric Patterson. 

So hopefully, the Cubs can limp into the All-Star break.  We have two series against the Giants, a four game series with the Cardinals next weekend and a series with the Reds.  This stretch is probably a good thing.  The Giants and Reds are both not great baseball teams and maybe the Cubs can create a little more distance between themselves and the Cardinals down in St. Louis. 

Look at me, being an optimist. 

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