Who is the new Michael Barrett?


So the White Sox are headed to the North Side for the weekend’s Crosstown Series.  The Cubs come limping into Wrigley after getting swept for the first time this year….by the Tampa Rays.  That just doesn’t sound right. 

So maybe Lou will be looking to fire the team up.  Maybe a guy in cubbie blue will step up and motivate his team by knocking someone around a little.  I’m not an advocate of violence, but Michael Barrett’s punch to AJ Pierzynski was one of the best Cub moments in my life.  This wasn’t a scuffle, he decked Pierzynski.  So which current Cub is the team badass?  Who would be most likely to step up like Barrett did?  Maybe the badass that took Barrett on in the dugout, Carlos Zambrano?  Well, he isn’t pitching in this series.  Plus, he’s nursing a shoulder.  I think Derek Lee’s punch on Chris Young last year was pretty weak and that seemed out of the ordinary for Lee.  So I don’t think it will be him. 

My pick is Geovany Soto.  I mean, this current group of Cubs players don’t look real tough.  Mark Derosa and Mike Fontenot aren’t exactly intimidating.  But I wouldn’t want to cross Soto.  He’s a catcher, so he’s got to be tough and ready for some physical impact at all times.


He’s a rookie and shooting for a starting bid on the NL All-Star team.  So maybe this is his chance to step up and be a leader on this team.  Again, I’m not advocating violence, but to quote the movie Rudy, “Nobody comes into our house and pushes us around”.  Maybe the Cubs just aren’t feared enough yet.  Whether it’s with runs, attitude or fists, I think the Cubs need to show who should be feared in the city of Chicago.

Go Cubs, take care of the Sox!


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