See Ya in the Second Half, Soriano

It appears that Alfonso Soriano will be out another six weeks after breaking his hand in last night’s game.  This will be Soriano’s second stint on the DL this year.  The Cubs did well without him last time and I see that happening this time as well.  I’m not a big Soriano fan, but he’s played well since he first came off the DL.  I am a bit worried how he will return this time.  If he shows the timidness with his hand that he’s shown with his legs, expect that power to disappear for a while.  Of course, he’ll still swing those gigantic, around-the-world hacks, we’ll just see a lot more pop-ups. 

We’ll get to see some of Lou’s creativity in the outfield and I’m guessing that we’ll see lots of different combinations out there.   We’ll also get to see someone who will fill the lead-off position a little better than a HR hitter.

I’m sorry the posts here on Ivy Envy have slowed a bit.  I work in the schools and the end-of-year stuff have slowed me down.  Plus I’ve spent about every evening building a bar in our garage/patio.  Add that stuff to two kids under the age of 18 months and that leads to little free time like writing about the Cubs. 

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