Alternate Ending to Last Night’s Game

As I laid in bed last night, satisfied with the Cubs extra-inning win and delighted with the fact that Soriano slapped a base hit, I created the following scenerio in the form of a lucid dream:

I imagined pausing the world after Fontenot touched homeplate to win the game.  Soriano and I are the only people not frozen.  I say to him, “Alfonso, I will give you the opportunity to rewind this last play.  We will take away your “I tried to swing defensively and foul the ball off, but somehow it ended up fair and I won the game for my team” play and perhaps, temporarily, the Cub win.  You will stand at the plate with the count 2-2 again.  This will give you another opportunity to swing for the fences and win the game with a homerun.” 

I see Soriano taking that deal.  I don’t think he planned at all to win that game with a base hit from a defensive swing.  It’s not his style. 

Now, back to reality.  I can’t understand why the Dodgers didn’t walk Soriano.  Yes, he’s a free swinger and he may strike out.  But you don’t throw him hittable pitches!  I suppose the Dodgers were in a bad spot.  He may have been an easier out than Theriot, Lee and Ramirez.  But with one out, I think you have to walk him to set up a double play.  I’ll take it though.  It’s nice to see them win three close games in a series.



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  1. Is this the director’s cut?

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