Cubs-Diamondbacks 5/11

I had to use my fast wiper setting most of the way to Chicago yesterday.  We had little hope for this game even happening, but we kept driving.  I was a little pessimistic; at one point during the drive I found myself hoping that we would at least get to go in and see the field.  The waves of Lake Michigan looked like ocean waves… I half expected to see Patrick Swayze surfing out by Navy Pier.  When we were arriving at Wrigley at about 11:30, the rain was still coming down but with a little less intensity.  We found our seats just in time to see the grounds crew pushing boatloads of water off the infield tarp.  Miraculously, the rain stopped just about when the game was supposed to start.  Seeing everything the grounds crew does to make the field playable after such an inundation was incredible.  I figured we would have another rain delay at some point, but it never did rain again.  We were a little disappointed to see that Zambrano and Randy Johnson had been scratched due to the weather, but we were just excited that the game was going to be played.  Here are some photos that Beth and I took:


This turned out to be a good warning as several balls were fouled in our direction.







This was our vantage point for the game.  All of the seats in Wrigley seemed like they would be decent seats as long as they had an unobstructed view (the support beam is visible on the right edge of the photo).  It was pretty difficult to determine balls and strikes from this angle, however.






The temperature during the game was in the high 40’s to low 50’s, and there was a heavy wind whipping through the stadium.  I stepped in a deep puddle on the way into the game, and Beth was cold as well.  I ended up buying us new Cubs socks and hot chocolate which was unexpected.  The wind was blowing from left to right field and slightly toward the plate, so it was surprising to see two homers in the game.










Reed Johnson and Mike Fontenot celebrate Johnson’s two-run home run as Montero looks on (sorry for the pixelation).


Earlier in the game, when Fox had just walked in two runs, a woman near us actually shouted, “We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher.”  I could barely contain myself.  Later, I was very happy when we got to see non-belly-itchers Marmol and Wood.










the familiar stance














This might be my favorite picture of the day as I happened to catch a Wood pitch on its way to the plate.


At one point, a fan found his drunken way onto the field—











The funny part is that before this dog-pile, he had tried to juke the first security person and had slipped in the process.  Moments later, a second guy tackled the hell out of him from behind.









You’re out!  I hope it was worth it.  This happened during the bottom of the seventh inning, and I believe all the fans watching at home were treated to bonus footage of Tony Romo in the booth.  I was a little taken aback at the fans’ booing of Romo.  Of course he does play for the detestable Cowboys, but he also did go to Eastern Illinois University and might actually be a fan (did he say anything about that on the telecast?).


Here are a couple shots of Lee and Soriano:







Note the Mother’s Day friendly catching gear that Montero is wearing.  Beth got a pink Cubs cap which was pretty cool.






Soriano looks deflated to be taking this intentional walk.  Lou made some great moves in this game.



At one point in the ninth, the field was swarmed with seagulls… Anyone ever seen that before?  I think I saw Reed Johnson make a made-you-flinch move at the gulls at one point to try to scare them away.








Of course we needed a custom Miller Lite billboard to get us pumped up for the sweep.


A shot of Fukudome:



A seller of Fukudome related merch:





Note the conspicuous absence of any Cubs logos on this stuff.


And finally, the outcome we hoped for!











We had a great time!  Even though it was freezing the whole time, it was great to see the Cubs sweep the Diamondbacks!

4 Responses

  1. Great Post! The pictures are awesome.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    The reason that the gulls were out is because a typical afternoon game finishes about that time and the gulls eat all the food left behind. Since the bleachers were still full, they hung out on the field.

    Were you able to hear Romo sing? It was probably the worst rendition I’ve ever heard. Probably even worse than Jeff Gordon.

  2. We couldn’t hear Romo very well there. I did catch Sports Center later, and you are right; it was terrible!

  3. ouch. Gordon was the worst I’ve ever heard.. except maybe Ozzie Osbourne.. he was bad too.

  4. But Ozzie is just an act..I don’t think he counts. Romo tried and sounded terrible.

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