Discussion on Pitching

I spent some time with Manstrength today and we were discussing the Cubs pitching today.  If you haven’t gathered, he’s much more of an optimistic Cubs fan than I am.  The pitching scares me more than it bothers him.  

Let’s have a discussion.  What do you think?  How are you feeling about the Cubs pitching?   Do you think it’s time to trade for some solid pitching?  Who’s leaving the North Side if a trade needs to happen?   Are teams ready to sell off players or is it too early for some of these teams to throw in the towel?

We want to hear from you, mystery readers. 

2 Responses

  1. aaron harang would be a nice pickup from a crappy team.. but I doubt he’s on the block this early or even at all..

  2. He’s played the Cubs real well the last few years. I’d take him.

    I think the guys on the trading block for the Cubs are:
    Matt Murton, Mike Fontenot and maybe Ronny Cedeno.

    It’d be kind of a bad thing to let Cedeno go when he is showing so much potential, but this is probably when you could get the most for him. I can’t see getting much in the way of a pitcher for Murton and Fontenot.

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