5/07/08 Notes

Jon Lieber gets his first start of the year and he promptly gives up 4 HR’s in one inning.  As I am typing this, he is not yet out of the second inning, so that total could change. 

*  I really have to agree with what Cubfan1452 said  about the Cubs only going as far as their pitching will take them.  That is becoming more evident with every game.  The Cubs desperately need to strengthen the four and five slots.  I’m not completely comfortable with Ted Lilly, either.  It’s so disheartening to see the bullpen warming up in the second inning.  I think if the Cubs want to make a legitimate post-season run, they need to acquire some better pitching.  This bullpen is going to be on empty by the end of the year if this keeps up.  Well, Lou pulled Lieber.  He lasted 2.0 innings.  Great.

*  As most of the writers here know, I have pretty strong opinions on players.  These opinions are typically not rooted in reality.  For some reason, I’ve never really liked Ronny Cedeno.  But little Ronny is hitting .373 with an OBP of .458 and 18 RBI in 23 games.  He was definitely the bright spot of yesterday’s game.  He put the Cubs on the board with a two run single in the fourth inning.  I definitely like what I’ve seen out of Cedeno this year. 

* The Zambrano-Cedeno pick-off of Joey Votto at second was awesome.  It was the bottom of the second inning and Zambrano had two on and one out.  I sensed that impending doom feeling that I sometimes get with Zambrano on the hill.  He didn’t make a great throw to 2nd base, but Cedeno went and got the ball, then laid his knee down to block the bag with his leg.  As Len or Bob said on today’s pre-game show, that shows great advanced scouting.  Cedeno knew that Votto would go in head first rather than feet first, so he knew he could lay his leg down and not worry about getting cleated.  That is the depth and fundamentally sound baseball that we did not see under Dusty Baker.  In fact, I saw a replay with the Reds broadcasters and they were talking about what an error in fundamentals it was for Votto.  Hey, you guys wanted Dusty…now you have him. 

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