Marty Brennaman

Ahh, the Cincinnati reds announcer whining about cub fans. He’s still upset for contract issues relating to his son when he announced for the cubbies. He also doesn’t have a whole lot to root for lately for the Reds teams. A hall of famer?   He didn’t show much class with his comments, berating cub nation for a few drunk clowns that threw baseballs onto the field. Ahhhh, at least we are throwing balls onto the field, rather than “throwing games” perhaps, a la Pete Rose.


3 Responses

  1. Leave Pete Rose out of this!

  2. Quit jumping to the defense of Charlie Hustle and post your Cubs story!

  3. I’m working on it, but when I start to type, too many memories start rushing in. They’re really jumbled and too voluminous, so I need to edit myself.

    Thinking about it makes me realise how important my cubs fanhood has been to my life. I start wondering what it all means. Or really why it means so much.

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