I couldn’t believe the video of Marty Brennaman that Corey posted the other day.  I understand that they were mad about the balls being chucked onto the field, but mention it and move on! 

This Brennaman rant is a prime example of why I feel we’re fortunate to have Len and Bob as our commentators.  In one of the games against the Phillies, there was a close play at first base during which Soriano (I think it was Soriano) was called out.  The replay showed that he was probably safe.  Len and Bob noted that it was their opinion that he should have been called safe, but then they went on to talk about how their opinion is meaningless; the only opinion that matters is the opinion of the first base umpire.  Other commentators who shall remain nameless would dwell on calls like that for several innings after the fact.  Len and Bob do a good job of trying to remain objective about the game.  I haven’t really heard them be excessively negative about fans or players of the opposing team; in fact, they usually only have positive and constructive comments about opposing players.


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