Alternate Jerseys and ESPN


I swear at the beginning of the season, I heard that they Cubs were not going to use those alternate home jerseys.  I believe in the past, it has been up to the starting pitcher if the team wears pinstripes or the blues.

I cannot express how much I hate these blue jerseys. I think they look stupid against the blue pinstriped pants. Plus, they look like slow-pitch softball beer league jerseys. The Cubs are an historic franchise and I think traditional jerseys are classy and are a good exhibit of that history.

It’s fairly shocking to me to see ESPN broadcast games two nights in a row, and neither are Red Sox or Yankee games. How many times tonight do you think they will mention the Red Sox, the Yankees or the American League East?

One Response

  1. They talked about the Yankees a lot during the broadcast. In fact, when Derek Lee, one of baseball’s most exciting hitters was up to bat, they were droning on and on about the Yankees.

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