Marty Brennaman, Asshat of the Week

If you haven’t heard Marty Brennaman’s rant against Cubs fans last week when the Reds were in town, check this out:

Yes, like any fans of a professional sports team, there are annoying Cubs fans.  But old Marty seems to be taking issue with all Cubs fans.  Could it be that he’s jealous that the Reds can’t draw numbers anywhere near what the Cubs do?  Is he jealous of the die-hard spirit of Cubs fans?  Maybe he’s bitter that the Reds are stuck with Dusty Baker for a while and that the Cubs unloaded him when they did.  Or maybe he’s mad at the whole Cubs organization.  Thom, his son, was let go as an announcer after he was offered a position with Fox to do national weekend games.  The Cubs and WGN didn’t want to share an employee and so Thom left.

No matter the reason, Marty came off sounding like a loony old grumpy man.  If you listen carefully, he sounds strikingly similar to Hawk Harrelson. 



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