Alfonso and his hop.

In the first inning of last night’s game, my opinion of Alfonso Soriano’s hop was validated. I’ve never liked it, nor have I bought the “it’s what he’s comfortable with” excuse. To me, it seems cocky, flashy, and like something you expect to see in a sandlot game. This was something I had hoped would disappear over the off-season. Well, here we are, a little over 2 weeks into the season and he comes away limping, needing assistance to get off the field after a routine pop-fly.

At this time, results have not been released, but Piniella indicated this morning that he would be out for a while. Soriano has not been too hot at the plate this year. I don’t think replacing him in the line-up with Reed Johnson (Avg – .310, OBP – .394 and 5 RBI) would be a detriment to the team, offensively. They won’t bring up Matt Murton, who is batting .294, but only has a slugging average of .294 in Triple-A Iowa. Wow, not one extra-base hit after 11 games. The team is hitting the ball well enough, that I think the Cubs can survive without Soriano and his .175 batting average.  Even if they leave Derosa in LF and put Fontenot at 2nd, I think at this point, it would be an improvement.  The only thing we will be missing is the potential for a few solo HR’s.  He’s probably the worst guy on the team when he’s down in the count.   It’s interesting that it’s possibly a good thing that the Cubs have just lost their highest paid player.  They might just be a better team without him.  The one thing they do lose is the threat of him throwing out a runner at the plate from shallow left field. 

I have to admit that I did not see the whole 9th inning of last night’s game. My wife got wrapped up in a Law and Order SVU episode and I missed Wuertz’s second straight collapse. Since I didn’t not witness it, I can’t really say this with absolute confidence, but with a lead like they had, I would have liked to see Lou leave him in there and work through it. It is really comforting to see Wood get his 3rd save of the season, though. I did not expect him to perform as well as he has. I can look past that 9th inning game tying HR he gave up in Pittsburgh.

Stay tuned Cubs fans. The injuries are starting to roll in. Let’s see what this team looks like in two weeks!

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